Adaptive Learning

Adaptive Learning Educational Consulting
with Kim Stroemich



I aim to assist all students in finding academic success through a love of learning. Adaptive learning strategies and techniques can help all students maximize their potential and build self-confidence.

I have 16 years of experience in the field of education ranging from classroom teacher, to learning specialist, to Director of the Learning Center, to academic mentor through my locally owned business.


I am a lifelong educator who specializes in adaptive teaching for students with a variety of learning disabilities. I began my career as a math and English teacher. From there, I advanced to the role of Learning Specialist and then the Director of the Learning Center where I single-handedly managed the creation and implementation of individualized academic plans for students in grades Pre-K-12. I have also worked as an academic mentor for over 14 years, assisting students with curriculum based tutoring, SAT/ACT test preparation, AP testing, and the college admissions process.


My passion for educational advocacy began when my son was diagnosed in the 1st grade with multiple learning disabilities. Managing the testing process, the creation of a satisfactory IEP, and the education of my son's teachers became an all consuming process. Since then, I have become versed in a variety of learning differences such as memory difficulties, processing delays, dyslexia, dysgraphia, dysalculia, executive functioning and ADHD. In my practice as a private academic mentor, I have implemented many successful techniques to help students with learning differences obtain the highest quality education possible.


Students are like finger prints: no two are the same. My approach to teaching and learning is highly specialized and crafted to fit the individual needs of each student. In addition, my main goal is not only to support each of my students but also to help them achieve autonomy while building self-confidence.


I know all too well how overwhelming it can be for parents when their child is diagnosed with a learning disability. The available resources give general information but do not offer any guidance about what the next step should be. I take the time to read through each case with care to determine the best plan to help each child succeed within the classroom and beyond.


I offer tutoring in all subject areas, from kindergarten through college level.

Can't make it to the office? Live in another area but still need help? I have been actively working with students and families via Skype with great success for over four years.

The charge for private tutoring is billable in 15 minute increments. Typical sessions last one hour.


  • Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 and 2
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Pre-Calculus
  • Statistics
  • College Algebra

Science/Social Studies

  • Physical Science
  • Earth Science
  • Biology
  • Anatomy/Physiology
  • AP U.S. History
  • AP World History
  • Psychology


  • AP English Language
  • AP English Literature
  • Grammar
  • Writing
  • Active Reading
  • Vocabulary
  • College Essays
  • Critical Analysis

Standardized Testing

  • ACT
  • Advanced Placement exams
  • LSAT



I recommend a minimum of 8 weekly sessions that begin 9 weeks prior to the test date. Students are offered a diagnostic exam prior to their first tutoring session and a practice exam prior to their final tutoring session. Students should expect 1-2 hours of independent work each week.


I recommend at least 12 weekly sessions that begin 13 weeks prior to the scheduled test date. In addition to individual sessions, students are able to take a diagnostic test prior to their first tutoring session, a practice exam after the first 5 weeks of tutoring, and a final practice exam the week prior to their final tutoring session. Students should expect 3-4 hours of independent work each week.


While I recommend focusing on a specific test, sometimes it is necessary to evaluate and work on both tests to determine which test a student is better suited for. Under these conditions, I recommend that the number of weekly session be based on prior experience. In addition to individual sessions, students will be offered diagnostic exams prior to their first tutoring session as well as practice exams prior to each testing date. Students should expect 3-4 hours of independent work each week.


I recommend 4 weekly sessions that begin at least 5 weeks before the scheduled test date. In addition to individual sessions, each student is offered a diagnostic exam prior to their first tutoring session as well as a practice exam one week prior to their final tutoring session. Students should expect 3-4 hours of independent work each week.

GRE or GMAT Test

I recommend 8 weekly sessions that begin at least 9 weeks before the scheduled test date. In addition to individual sessions, each student will be given access to an online practice test generator that will allow him/her to become familiarized with a self-adapting computer based exam. In addition to weekly sessions, students will be offered a diagnostic exam prior to their first tutoring session as well as a practice test the week before their final tutoring session. Students should expect 3-4 hours of independent work each week.


I recommend 12 weekly session that begin at least 13 weeks before the scheduled test date. In addition to weekly sessions, students will be offered a diagnostic exam prior to their first tutoring session as well as a practice exam the week prior to their scheduled test date. Students should expect 3-4 hours of independent work each week.


Outside of classroom

Pre-testing 1 Hour Meeting

Is your child exhibiting difficulties in the classroom? Do you need advice on the next best step to take and which local professionals will best fit your needs? Are you not sure which tests you need to have performed to answer your questions? In this consultation, I will ask you questions and listen to your concerns to better understand the ideal direction for you to follow. After the meeting, I will send you a detailed report with recommendations and referrals to get your questions answered.

Post-testing 1 Hour Meeting and Detailed Report

Have you already had your child tested and are now struggling to determine how to interpret the results? Do you need help connecting your child's disgnosed difficulties with how to advocate for your child within the classroom? I will meet with you for a one hour session to ask you questions and listen to the specific areas that you need assistance with. After the meeting, I will review your child's test results and create a detailed report that breaks down your child's specific strengths and weaknesses and what measures should be implemented both inside and outside of the classroom.

General Academic Consultation 1 Hour Meeting

If you are having general academic concerns and don't know what to do next, I can meet with you to discuss your concerns and offer a suggested course of action. With 14 years of teaching experience both in the classroom and one-on-one tutoring, as well as running the learning center at a private school, I have great insight and knowledge about the educational process and different areas of difficulty for students. This consultation can also include a discussion of school choice and the best placement for the needs of your child.

Inside of classroom

On Site Observation

Do you have concerns about your child's learning environment or ability to succeed within the classroom? I will travel to your child's school and do an on-site observation. Following this, I will send you a report summarizing my observations and advice for your child's success. The fee for this service is variable and includes travel time to and from your child's school. On-site observations are contingent on approval from your child's school and must be arranged by a parent or guardian in advance.

College Guidance

I can work either as a support to your child's school counseling program or, as need be, as your child's primary college counselor.

Starting the Process-1 session

This program is ideal for a student who needs general guidance about the college application process. If you have many questions and don't know where to start, this one time meeting can get you heading in the right direction.

The College Resume- 1 session + resume creation

Creating a strong activity resume is an important part of the college application process. I will meet with your child and guide him/her through what information he/she needs to gather for the resume. Once I receive this information, I will properly format the activity resume for your child.

The Common Application

Does your child need help with the Common Application and its format? Which ten activities should be highlight and in what order? What essay topic should be chosen? How should supplements be handled? I will guide your child through the Common Application's categories and give advice on creating the strongest application possible.

The College Interview- 1 session

Is your child going to be participating in a college interview yet not sure how to prepare? During this one hour session, I will discuss the college interview process and guide your child through the process.

The College Essay

One of the most crucial parts of the college application process in the creation of the main essay. During an initial session, I will determine the best topic for your child to focus on. Through telecommunication, I will continue to assist your child until the final draft of the essay has been completed. A typical essay averages 2-2.5 hours of billable time, but the actual time for this service varies based on the length of the final essay and the quality of the student's first and subsequent drafts.

General Assistance

If you and your child need general assistance with any or all aspects of the college process, I can assist by coordinating with your child's school college counselor. The number of hours varies based on the extent of help needed.


Kim Stroemich
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"My tutor Kim Stroemich helped me so much with preparing for the SAT and ACT as well as the college application process. Each week, I met with Kim and we would go over my assigned test prep homework. Kim was able to completely answer any questions I had as well as offer me valuable tips and pointers for when I actually took the test. Kim worked with me to create unique strategies for each section of the test, specifically designed to cater to my personal strengths and weaknesses. I was able to learn how to manage my time during the different sections on the tests and my test scores in the ACT and SAT both improved, and Kim worked with me until I reached my desired ACT score of a 33. Even after I finished test prep, I continued to meet with Kim and she helped me with the college application process by helping me find topics for my essays and structure them. Without Enlightened learning and Kim, I would not have the scores I have today, nor the newfound confidence I have in my test taking ability that I will to take with me to college. I completely recommend Kim to anyone looking to improve their test scores."

Courtney H. University of Florida

"Kim makes sometimes tricky topics easier and fun. She gives great examples and always seems to have a “different way” to look at things. She demonstrated numerous new techniques to me and really helped me add 100 points to my SAT math score!"

Edward C. Johns Hopkins University

"Kim helped me achieve the best SAT scores possible. The one-on-one help with critical reading was what I needed in order to get a great score. Kim, while serving as a tutor, also served as a mentor for life. She cares about each of her students individually, and she is able to adjust her strategies to match every student’s personalities, so they can succeed."

Laura P. Harvard University

"Kim takes the time to learn about your child’s personality. I truly believe this helps Kim to build confidence in the SAT and ACT testing. Kim has many years of teaching experience and also is a parent. With this she has been able to work with our son to achieve the goals he has set for himself."

"In all honesty, without Kim I don’t know if I would even get into college. She has been more than crucial to the overall development of my resume and college essays and I thank her very much for it."

Alex W. University of Central Florida
                                                                        Helen H.